The Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production (APRSCP) is an international, autonomous, non-governmental, non-profit, non-discriminatory organization that is involve in developing and promoting sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in the Asia-Pacific. The APRSCP was established since 1997 (more than 19 years ago) and registered as a non-profit organization in Thailand.


Vision is to become a sustainable regional network and partnership, to enable Asia Pacific to be a dynamic and a prosperous region, with its countries committed to and practicing the principles of Sustainable Consumption and Production.


Mission is to provide leadership and support that will enhance information flow and human resources development, and will strengthen public/private partnerships to stimulate the promotion and implementation of sustainable consumption and production strategies and technologies in the region.


The APRSCP is formed to foster dialog and partnerships through multi-stakeholder dialogue to enhance and strengthen cooperation in the development and implementation of SCP strategies and to promote best practices, programs, local initiatives, and lessons learned on SCP related projects in Asia and the Pacific. The Organization was established in 1997, known then as Asia Pacific Roundtable on Cleaner Production (APRCP), which held regional meetings on cleaner production with the support from United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and other partners. These meetings cofirmed the importance of promoting cleaner production and resource efficiency. After 7 years with a global shift to include sustainable consumption, it was renamed to APRSCP, weaving SCP into broader policy platforms on sustainable development.

The APRSCP has held 12 roundtables within the region and has built up a strong network among industry, governments, academia and non-governmental organizations and international organizations in the Region. These roundtables were hosted by member countries in the Region co-organized by the Board of Trustees of the APRSCP and supporting partners such as UNEP through the EU SWITCH Asia Regional Policy Support Component (RPSC) Programme and UNIDO. The APRSCP network has grown and matured over the years and, with its supporters, has cooperated in recent projects such as Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production activities in the Asia-Pacific.